Lillian S. Fisher Prize in Environmental Law and Public Policy

Awarded by the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy with support from the James E. Rogers College of Law

About the Prize 

The Lillian S. Fisher Prize in Environmental Law and Public Policy was established through an initial endowment by former Pima County Superior Court Judge Lillian S. Fisher (see Arizona Daily Star feature article about Judge Fisher here).

The award is presented annually by the Udall Center to a student in the UA James E. Rogers College of Law or to a UA graduate student studying law and public policy for an essay addressing an environmental law or public policy topic. The competition is judged each year by faculty in the law college. A list of Fisher Prize winners appears below.

Fisher Prize Winners, 1997–2013

2013: Caylin J. Goldey Barter,* J.D. (2013)

2012: Edwin Slade, J.D. (2012)

2012: Raina Wagner, J.D. (2012)

2011: Christopher J. Losi, J.D. (2011)

2011: Bethany Sullivan, J.D. (2011)

2010:Jenny Neeley, J.D. (2010)

2009: Maya Abela,* J.D. (2009) and Jacob Campbell* (Anthropology)

2009: Meredith Marder, J.D. (2009) | Nathan Mee, J.D. (2009)

2008: Gina Cornelio, J.D. (2009)

2008: Maya Abela, J.D. (2009)

2007: Aaron Citron,* J.D. (2007)

2006: no award

2005: Lauren Whattam Lester,* J.D. (2005)

2004: Lise J. Johnson, J.D. (2004)

2003: no award

2002: A. Kate Bouchee, J.D. (2002)

2002: Mich Coker,* J.D. (2002)

2001: Christopher J. Basilevac, J.D. (2001)

2001: Yakini Shakir, J.D. (2001)

2000: Peter W. Culp*, J.D. (2001)

1999: Rebecca H. Carter,* Ph.D, Anthropology (2002)

2000: Jeremy A. Lite,* J.D. (2000)

1998: C. Bradley Vynalek, J.D. (1999)

1997: Anne N. Christensen, J.D. (1998)

1997: Tracey D. Zobenica, J.D. (1997)

* denotes winners with papers published by the Udall Center (see section above).

Prize-winning Papers Published by the Udall Center 

The Udall Center publishes selected prize-winning papers in its monograph series.

Prize-winning Papers Published Elsewhere

Several of the Fisher Prize winners have published their papers in scholarly journals or elsewhere.

Losi, Christopher J. 2012. Keeping dry streams green: Can landowners in Arizona and California use property rights to maintain groundwater-dependent riparian habitat along non-perennial watercourses? ExpressO (18 Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 121, 2012). link

Marder, Meredith K. 2009. The battle to save the Verde: How Arizona’s water law could destroy one of its last free-flowing rivers. Arizona Law Review 51: 175-210. link

Neeley, Jenny L. 2011. Over the line: Homeland Security’s unconstitutional authority to waive all legal requirements for the purpose of building border infrastructure. Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy, 1(2). link

Wagner, Raina. 2012. Adapting environmental justice: In the age of climate change, environmental justice demands a combined adaptation-mitigation response. Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy 2(2). link


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Environmental Policy Programs

Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

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